—  About me

Ricky Lo

Ricky has come from a remarkably international background. Born and raised predominantly in Jakarta, Ricky has inevitably lived in an environment full of urban, social, and technological challenges which has positively molded a significant facet of his global character today. 

Learning is an integral part of growing. Ricky is diligent, hard-working, and ambitious. His passions in design and innovation are equally as powerful as his analytic intelligence. He finds clever solutions to complex problems in a variety of different realms. Ricky is a talented and disciplined individual who is capable of transforming imaginations into reality through new opportunities. 

He is an architecture advocate and one who is determined to have expertise in a range of fields such as architecture, urban planning, construction, and real estate development. Ricky is an aspiring architect-developer and believes that it is imperative to bring Indonesian infrastructure up to international standards and, thus, improve the lives of people in Third World countries by making their living conditions more sustainable. 

However, his curiosity does not just end there. He is also enthusiastic in analyzing corporate strategies. Hence his strong affection for entrepreneurship, management, leadership, project management, and business development. Over the last years he has devoted enthusiasm in travelling to new destinations which serve as an impetus to feeding his imagination and meeting new people in unique cultures. 

He thrives in competitive environments geared towards outstanding results that lead to an increase in creativity and originality. Steadfast with change, he prefers to work on tasks that challenge him intellectually, i.e. thinking outside the box.

To learn more about his work, connect with him to network, cooperate, discuss, or casually interchange ideas.